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Platelet Activation with Pure Autologous Activated Human Thrombin Serum

The Natural Autologous Biological Glue

Tropocells® autologous activated Thrombin Rich Serum (TRS™) technology enables the physician to easily
use the patient’s pure autologous thrombin either alone or to activate it 
with the patient’s concentrated platelets (PRP) to release growth factors which stimulate, accelerate and
upgrade the body’s natural healing processes in specific localized surgical sites.

The Tropocells® TRS™ product is a red capped tube containing a patented separation gel without an added anticoagulant.

Tropocells® TRS is prepared by taking either a 12ml or 23ml blood from the patient, then separating platelets from Red Blood Cells and Granulocytes via centrifugation. The Tropocells® TRS is generated without the addition of activating substances.

The Tropocells® Natural Autologous Biological Glue Preparation Method

Tropocells® TRS Autologous Glue is naturally prepared from the patient’s own blood 

Autologous fibrinogen (already
being an integral part of the

TRS - Autologous Thrombin Rich

The rapid and simple procedure reflects a method in which autologous thrombin in the patient’s serum can be used to activate platelets. As a matter of fact, the autologous thrombin in the patient’s serum can effectively activate platelets which leads to the stimulation of tissue regeneration, repair and maturation. The Tropocells® Fibrin Glue is a natural therapeutic method which is mainly used to reduce the risk for contamination and immunological response of using commercially available fibrin glue alternatives, stop bleeding, seal wound edges and also designated for scaffolds in tissue engineering.

TRS™ Preparation


Collect blood directly into Tropocells® TRS 
vacuum tube containing separation gel 


Immediately Centrifuge
for 15 min at 1500g


Gel sperarates plateles from RBC and
granulocytes. platelets are formed in 
a PRF matrix. The thrombin rich serum liquid (TRS) resides on top of the upper part of the PRF matrix


Insert a syringe to collect the TRS serum


TRS is ready to use

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