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The Natural Autologous Activator

Cellenis® Thrombin Rich Serum (TRS) provides the required scaffold for a significant facial volume.

Cellenis® autologous Thrombin Rich Serum (TRS) technology enables the physician to easily activate platelets that are obtained from Cellenis® PRP.

The combination of Cellenis® TRS and Cellenis® PRP releases enriched growth factors which stimulate, accelerate and upgrade the body’s natural healing processes in specific localized surgical sites.

The patented Cellenis® TRS product is delivered in a red capped tube containing a separation gel without the presence of an anticoagulant.

The system includes the following components: red stoppers, specially treated glass and a unique gel barrier. Cellenis® TRS is prepared by taking either 12ml or 23ml whole blood from the patient, then, separating platelets and anabolic cells from catabolic Red Blood Cells and Granulocytes via centrifugation. The Cellenis® TRS is obtained without the addition of activating substances.

By combining Cellenis® TRS with Cellenis® PRP the physician is able to obtain growth factors either as injectable GFRG* or GFRF** membrane. 

* GFRG  -Growth Factors Rich Gel

**GFRF – Growth Factors Rich Fibrin

After performing the PRP procedure, PRP is extracted from the PRP tube. Inside the PRF tube two components will be present: a plasma clot and a thrombin rich serum liquid (TRS). The extracted Cellenis® TRS is mixed with the Cellenis® PRP into the syringe. This mixture may be injected into the desired treated site using ordinary dermal filler techniques. This natural injected material will provide the required scaffold for a significant facial volume.


Cellenis® TRS Preparation


Collect blood directly into Cellenis®
 TRS vacuum tube containing separation gel  


Immediately Centrifuge
for 10 min at 1500g


Gel sperarates plateles from RBC and
granulocytes. platelets are formed in 
a fibrin matrix. The thrombin rich serum liquid (TRS) resides within and on top of the upper part of the fibrin matrix


Insert a syringe to collect the TRS serum


TRS is ready to use