About Estar


Founder & CEO

Bachelor of Science from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem with specific concentration in Biochemistry; Master of Science with excellency from the Recanati School of Applied Science and Technology at the Hebrew university in Jerusalem. Founder of Estar technologies Ltd in  1992. In addition, Aaron was the CEO of a consulting firm which provided new technologies for both Israeli and North American companies. Furthermore, Aaron served as a consultant and director in several Israeli biotech-incubator companies. Aaron was one of the pioneers to develop several innovative medical and diagnostic products including, among aothers, the vacuum blood collection system, the vacuum urine collecting system and mononuclear separation system.



VP Business Development & Legal Affairs

Yuval is in charge of the Company's business development and inorganic growth strategy as well as providing its overall legal backup.

Prior to joining Estar Medical, Yuval served as VP of Business Developmet at Landmark Ventures and as senior associate at the law firms of "Meitar, Liquornik, Geva " and "Shibolet & Co". Yuval holds an LLB (cum laude) and MBA.



Head of R&D

Dr. Fleminger-Minai is a seasoned biologist who holds a PhD in Immune biology and Pharmacology from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, specializing in the allergic inflammatory system, cells culturing and blood separation. Yael further holds MSc. with honors in Biotechnology



Director of Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs 

 For the past three years Mrs. Yehuda practiced Quality Assurance and regulation procedures for bio-tech companies at Lilach Segal QA Consulting, in the framework of which, Mrs. Yehuda prepared start-up companies for CE and ISO 13485 audits. Prior to providing QA consulting services, Mrs. Yehuda worked for  Estar Medical for more than10 years, where she was in charge of its quality assurance, marketing and technical sales divisions.  Mrs. Yehuda holds MSc. In Chemistry.



Logistics and Operations

Omer Esteron has been responsible for the day to day operations of Estar Medical for the past 10 years. Omer is also in charge of maintaining and monitoring  the company’s  production plans, as well  as employees management. Omer's position entails guaranteeing that Estar Medical fulfills its organizational and business requirements and goals.